July 6, 2017

Five Mind-Blowingly Intelligent AI Apps Built on Clarifai, Featuring MongoDB, Instagram, & More

Table of Contents:

With all the innovative applications and awesome educational resources that our community has been creating, we wanted to start showcasing some of our favorites to help inspire you to start tinkering with machine learning technology. Here’s our roundup for the month of June!

Whether you’re familiar with machine learning or not, we want Clarifai to be a great place to discover what developers and businesses are doing with visual recognition technology. We want to help connect you to the right people and the right resources to spark something new, or answer any questions you may have about machine learning and computer vision. And if you create or blog something you’d like us to share, just tag #Clarifai or reach out to us on social!

This month, the creative force was strong in our community. From using celebrity recognition to cast actors as historical figures to Shazam-ing the NYC Highline art exhibits, we’ve got something for everyone in this roundup – read on!

#1. History’s Modern Day Doppelgangers


Now, we’ve all tried out our Celebrity Recognition Model to find our famous doppelgangers, but what about our important people from the past? Take a look at  what Urbanski found when he entered historical figures like Confucius, Julius Caesar, and Queen Victoria into our demo. Hear that, Hollywood directors? If you’re making a reboot to a reboot of a historical drama, you should check Clarifai!

#2. AI Instagram Caption Generator


Sick of wasting time trying to come up with the perfect Instagram captions for your photos? Thanks to the Rubric App, you never have to *try* to be witty again. Powered by Clarifai’s visual recognition technology, the Rubric App analyses your photos and generates a selection of (hilarious) captions in real-time – voila! Download it for free to go try it out for yourself.


#3. Automated image analysis with IIIF


When Cogapp wanted to automatically identify “visual interesting” documents, such as the millions of images from the Qatar Digital Library, Clarifai’s Custom Training offered the perfect solution in allowing the team to easily create their own concept sets. Take a look at how Cogapp quickly analyzed and classified images after training their own “visually interesting” sample data sets and found that “even with these small sets Clarifai was giving impressive results.”

#4. Shazam the NYC Highline


Imagine pointing your phone at a piece of art and getting back a mini art history lesson. That’s exactly what @giftedapp set out to do when the Mutations Exhibit came to NYC’s Highline. Learn how @giftedapp quickly built an app to help visitors easily discover, explore, and learn about their surrounding art.


#5. Locate and review restaurants with Clarifai and MongoDB Stitch 


MongoDB Stitch simplifies development and deployment processes by removing the need from building and deploying your own backend. To show you what Stitch is capable of, the team at MongoDB built a sample application for locating and reviewing restaurants, dubbed Platespace, using Stitch and Node.js and by integrating third-party services such as AWS S3 and Clarifai. Read all about it and follow along to build your own fully functional app!