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July 17, 2017

Introducing Clarifai's Mobile SDK - On-device Machine Learning Whether You're Online or Offline

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Editor’s note: As of March 28th, 2019, Clarifai's Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS are now generally available.  Find out more or get access here!


We’re excited to announce that the Clarifai Mobile SDK is now available in limited preview for every developer! The Mobile SDK enables on-device machine learning and puts AI in the palm of your hand, online or offline. Yes, that’s right – Clarifai’s Mobile SDK is the first to enable on-device machine learning, meaning both training and inference. Apply for access now!


Machine learning (the process by which computers can get smarter through data examples instead of explicit programming) requires massive computational power, the kind usually found in clusters of computer servers in massive datacenters (ooooh, the cloud). This means that machine learning technology is usually only available to those who can connect to the cloud.

Not anymore! Clarifai’s Mobile SDK gives users the power to train and use AI in the palms of their hands by installing machine learning capability directly on their devices, bypassing the traditional requirement of internet connectivity and massive computing power. After all, these days we have tiny supercomputers in our pockets – our mobile phones. Starting with an iOS SDK, Clarifai is on a mission to make user experiences uniquely personalized on any device from your cellphone to your toaster, anywhere in the world.

With the power of Clarifai’s Custom Training which enables machine learning algorithms to learn new things from a handful of examples, Clarifai’s Mobile SDK allows mobile devices to learn from and respond to their individual environment and user, thus creating the ultimate personalized user experience. Clarifai’s technology enables a whole a generation of new product categories, transforms interactions between businesses and customers, and improves workflows across all industries.

AI everywhere, for everyone
Half the world still doesn’t have internet access. So how does the other half of the world benefit from the recent advances in AI if they can’t connect to the cloud? Clarifai’s Mobile SDK levels the AI playing field and makes it possible for anyone to leverage the recent advances in machine learning, no matter who or where they are or whether or not they have internet access. i-Nside is a Clarifai mobile SDK launch partner who makes endoscopic tools that can be attached to mobile phones to diagnose ear problems, assisted by visual recognition AI. These tools are used to help augment doctors in underserved areas that often have low internet connectivity.

AI in real-time, every time
The rise of technology has given rise to today’s culture of instant gratification. Consumers expect instant and relevant results, online or offline, whether they’re searching for a product or uploading a picture to a dating app. Whether you want to improve workflows, automatically moderate content, or power visual search and recommendations, Clarifai’s Mobile SDK enables developers to build smart apps that are able to learn the preferences of individual users in real-time with zero lag.

AI in your pocket … and in your car … and in your coffee maker
What began with the “smartphone” has now trickled down into many other devices – “smart jewelry,” “smart watch,” “smart coffee maker” – all of which combine to make the “internet of things.” Now, imagine a generation of AI-powered “smart” devices that are no longer reliant upon internet connectivity to learn and improve on their own. And, when you do decide to re-connect these devices to the cloud, they can aggregate their learnings together and redistribute that combined knowledge back into every device, making every device a little smarter. That’s the power of on-device machine learning from Clarifai, and it starts with the Mobile SDK.