July 20, 2017

Announcing a New and Improved V2 API Video Recognition Feature

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We are happy to announce that the video recognition feature in Clarifai’s v1 API has now been upgraded to our v2 API from beta to general availability! Now, all Clarifai users will be able to understand what’s happening in their videos with the latest and greatest features and improvements to our API. 

As one of the first companies to hit the market with an AI-powered video recognition solution, we’re excited to announce that our v2 API now supports all the video recognition functionality from v1 … and more! We received lots of positive feedback for the video product in the beta phase, and after making some enhancements to the product, we’re making it generally available for all developers and businesses to leverage in moderating and analyzing video content to improve workflows and user experiences.

Clarifai Portal General Detection Computer Vision Model

Users will be able to make Predict operation calls on the following Public Models:

  • General
  • Apparel
  • Food
  • Moderation
  • NSFW
  • Travel
  • Wedding

We are offering more models with greater accuracy than our previous v1 API video product, and we have also expanded our infrastructure capacity to respond back to your requests faster. We decided to move the video functionality into the v2 API because we have lots of other exciting features planned for video, which you’re going to love (stay tuned!).

Video in our v2 API analyzes and processes inputs at a rate of 1 frame per second, which means you will receive a list of predicted results for every second of your video. Similarly to our pricing for image recognition, 1 frame of video will be equal to 1 operation. This means that a 2 minute video would be 120 frames, and you would be charged for 120 operations.

Our Documentation Guide has details on how you can integrate the video product into your app, and you can try out the new API in our web demo!