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February 2, 2020

Forrester New Wave Report: Computer Vision | Clarifai Named Leader

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Clarifai Named a Computer Vision Platform Leader

In Forrester’s evaluation of the emerging market for computer vision platforms, Clarifai was named one of the most significant providers in the industry. Forrester’s rankings were  based on 10 different criteria: data, capabilities, pre-trained models, development, deployment, solutions, ease of use, vision, roadmap and market approach. Read on to see Clarifai’s evaluation.


The drivers behind our wave position were our breadth of capabilities, pre-trained models and product roadmap. Our out-of-the-box and custom computer vision models helps users of all levels to create their own models and label data.

Computer Vision Platforms Report

Clarifai’s Computer Vision Leader Highlights

Military-grade computer vision

We are unmatched in our computer vision technology, with capabilities spanning various use cases such as near real-time visual search and face recognition. Our capacity for deployment-agnostic technology such as air-gapped environments is another strength that differentiates Clarifai from other leading companies.

A Near Self-Serve Platform

Our platform is built for everybody, providing technical and non-technical users with the opportunity to easily label data and create custom models in a secure environment. The team is continuously enhancing capabilities to make our platform the easiest and safest to use in the industry.

Great for Security Use Cases

Forrester calls us a company that should be on your list of potential vendors for public or private security use cases. Our custom models for object, people and facial detection combined with our deep tagging and unparalleled visual search makes us a fantastic fit for security needs. 

"Clarifai offers outstanding technology and has a superb support staff. We see them as an industry leader"

What Does this Mean for You?

Choosing a computer vision vendor is an important and difficult decision. The market is rapidly expanding and, with hundreds of computer vision companies to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. You can rest assured that our company enables all users to explore the vast possibilities of computer vision with the quality and staff support you deserve.  Download your complimentary copy of The Forrester New Wave: Computer Visions Platform, Q4 2019