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December 10, 2020

How to Use Clarifai's Text Recognition Workflows

Table of Contents:

Read and Understand Text in Images

We are retiring our OCR model and have replaced it with a new and improved Visual Text Recognition (VTR) workflow. The new workflow separates the components of text recognition so that you can work with detection, cropping and text recognition as individual components in your projects. 


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The VTR workflow is already configured for you when creating an app in Portal. Just select “Visual-Text-Recognition” when selecting the base workflow for your app. 


You can inspect the individual models in the workflow by clicking the “Copy to new Workflow” button in the “App Workflows” section of the App overview page.


The VTR Workflow Post Workflow Results Request in our API 


The new VTR workflow uses a call to the workflow endpoint in our API (as opposed to the OCR model where you were making a single “model predict” call).



Click here to find out more about making workflow predict calls.