May 2, 2019

Introducing Clarifai's IoT SDK: Join Our Beta

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Today, we’re excited to announce our Internet of Things (IoT) SDK Beta release! After making our new and improved Clarifai Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS generally available last month, we can’t wait to share this latest option to powering your computer vision (CV) AI.

From drones to door sensors, there are now countless devices that can connect to the internet. With our IoT SDK, you can now process images captured by or uploaded to these devices through Clarifai’s powerful computer vision platform. The IoT SDK enables inferencing on cameras, access points, small compute stacks and specialized accelerated hardware!

It also doesn’t rely on these devices being connected to the cloud or a private server. Instead, the IoT SDK allows you to embed our computer vision capabilities directly in your IoT devices, or send any captured images to an edge device for real-time CV AI processing and image classification.

As different sectors turn to IoT devices to aid in conservation efforts, automate homes for the disabled and elderly communities, and make for smarter transportation systems, giving these devices the power of computer vision can help take these efforts to the next level, making the world more integrated, safer and accessible for all, regardless of their internet connection.

 So, whether you want to efficiently monitor harbor seals or streamline the airport experience, Clarifai’s IoT SDK now enables real-time computer vision processing embedded on most edge compute stacks.

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