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Natalie Fletcher

Natalie Fletcher
Natalie Fletcher is a Content Marketing Writer at Clarifai. Holding a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Fiction from The New School, she is from Kingston, Jamaica and an avid lover of patterned socks and hoodies.

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Image Recognition

3 Unique Concepts We Trained Custom Models to Recognize

The best thing about computer vision models is you can teach it to see almost anything, exactly the way you ...

Content Moderation Image Recognition

AI Whac-a-Mole: Why CV AI is Critical To Keeping up With Moderation

(Cover image from Jessica Lucia) When it comes to keeping up with moderating the user-generated content (UGC) ...

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Closing the loop: How feedback loops help to maintain quality long-term AI results

Last month saw New York City hosting the 2019 O’Reilly AI Conference. Attended by professionals across the ...

Clarifai Featured Hack: Measure your carbon footprint with Terrabeasts

Here at Clarifai, we love innovative, impactful hacks. Over the years, developers have used our technology to ...

Image Recognition Digital Asset Management Models

Computer Vision APIs: Improving Digital Asset Management With CV APIs

Digital asset management (DAM) one of the most critical business processes for organizations today. Digitized ...

Image Recognition Edge AI

Who Needs Mobile SDKs: 3 Reasons This is the Right Hosting Method for You

With the various options you have for hosting their AI platforms, you must ensure the method you select ...

Image Recognition Edge AI

Introducing Clarifai's IoT SDK: Join Our Beta

Today, we’re excited to announce our Internet of Things (IoT) SDK Beta release! After making our new and ...

Image Recognition Customer Stories Models

Building vs. Buying an AI Solution - See How Clarifai Helped OpenTable

With millions of reviews and photos uploaded a month, OpenTable needed to moderate the media content they ...

Company News Events Image Recognition

Why We Love AI Conferences: A Product Marketer’s Recap of the 2019 O’Reilly AI Conference

(Featured photo taken by Ben Hider for O'Reilly Conferences) Last week’s O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence ...

Machine Learning

Who needs On-Premise?: 3 reasons this might be the right hosting method for you

With the various options companies have for hosting their AI platforms, they must ensure the method they ...

Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? A Four Minute Rundown

As you explore artificial intelligence (AI,) there are some key terms you’ll need to understand. Below, we ...

Image Recognition

March Madness at Clarifai & Why Computer Vision’s Accuracy isn’t Just Good Luck

Here at Clarifai, we have a lot of basketball fans, so if you’re like us, springtime can only mean one thing: ...