June 13, 2018

Introducing New Android SDK - Join Our Private Beta Program

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We’re excited to announce the anticipated release of Android SDK in private beta, joining our line of mobile SDKs that launched last July. Android SDK allows you to build your Android applications on top of Clarifai’s world-class image recognition technology.

Calling for Android application developers


Android SDK marks the second product line in our Mobile SDK offerings. Clarifai’s Mobile SDKs enable on-device machine learning, putting AI in the palm of your hand–online or offline– including training and inference. Unlike our API, the Mobile SDK does not rely on the device’s connectivity to the cloud, resulting in faster response time. This allows app developers to provide visual insights more seamlessly throughout the end-user’s app experience. Curious what you could build using our Android SDK? See how our customers are using Clarifai’s image analysis to organize and curate user photos, enable photo edits blur out not-safe-for-work content, and more.


Today, we are releasing the Private Beta version of the Android SDK to a select number of testers. In addition to early access to the SDK, these testers will have a chance to provide valuable feedback to our product team. The Private Beta version of the Android SDK starts with Predict function using a limited number of pre-built models. We expect to release subsequent versions of the SDK during Private Beta, continually adding features and iterating on the tester feedback. Clarifai Android SDK supports applications running on Android API 21 (Version 5.0 “Lollipop”), or later.


If you’re interested in testing out our Android SDK, sign up for private beta access now.


Questions? Reach out to us at product@clarifai.com.