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Labeler is Live!

By Jeff Toffoli

Clarifai's new labeling solution allows enterprises to label data at scale. You can get results faster and more accurately using one integrated tool. Labeler works seamlessly with the entire AI lifecycle, so you can label, train, deploy and optimize your AI solution all in one place. 

AI-Powered Data Labeling

Clarifai Labeler offers AI-assisted automation to pre-fill labels and speed project completion, custom designed user interface designed specifically for labeling high volumes of training data and workforce management tools that make it possible manage data labeling projects of any size.

Take a look at how easy it is to create and assign labeling tasks:

Using task management features, it’s easy to assign labeling tasks to a distributed group and gain transparency into an annotator's work. Clarifai Labeler provides consistency and manageability across the AI-lifecycle, so projects can be scaled and multi-stage annotations can be supported.

Learn how to label your new detection app:


With labeling automation, enterprises can reclaim their data scientists’ time by making it easier and faster for non-technical users to accurately complete the repetitive task of annotating data. Plus, our custom designed user interface makes it easy for anyone to label training data for AI. Users can label concepts, bounding boxes, polygons, and even interpolate video (so that they can easily label objects that move location and change size). Enterprises can accelerate the modeling process by relying less on their DevOps teams.

Ensure high quality training datasets:


When it comes to training AI models both quantity and quality are essential to success. With Labeler's review and quality control tools you can ensure that your models are fed with accurate, high-quality data so that they can make effective predictions in the real world. 

Send us your data, we'll take care of the rest

For enterprises that want to free up resources all together, Clarifai offers its new, fully managed, data labeling service  that utilizes expert annotators and the same powerful AI-platform and tools.

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Learn more about Clarifai's new Data Labeler at or for more information on their fully managed data labeling service visit

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