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May 11, 2023

New Portal Public Preview

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We are happy to announce that our fully revamped Portal UI is entering Public Preview. We’re inviting you to test, utilize, and provide your feedback so that we can keep improving.

Check out the new portal

As well, this announcement will replace the usual monthly newsletter for May 2023, but you can check out the changelog for Clarifai 9.4 on our docs page.

A faster user experience

A sleek, modern design and an advanced tech stack that is easier to use and more technical documentation. Read more about the new portal.

Improved dataset management

Enhanced dataset organization, versioning capability and dataset exporting. Read more about datasets. 

New Team & Organization management functionality

Fine-grained access control of all your AI resources, at an individual collaborator or team level, within or outside your organization. Read more about teams and organizations.

Powerful input management

Experience the improved Input Uploader, a more powerful Input Manager with dataset input assignment, multimodal concept search and a unified UI for viewing your prediction & annotation results. Read more about uploading data.

Advanced model training

Transfer learning to quickly fine-tune models, and deep training to fully train models with new optimized templates with just a few clicks. Read more about deep training models. 

New model evaluation modules

We’ve built powerful evaluation modules for image classification, image detection, and text classification. Read more about model evaluation here and here

Application markdowns

Add a cover image and create detailed markdown documents explaining your application before publishing it to your colleagues or the public.

Bulk label faster than ever

Using complex text descriptions and our multi-modal search, label hundreds of images with a single click from the input manager. Read more or watch a video on how bulk labeling and transfer learning can let you build models in minutes.

Label images faster

Whether it’s annotations, bounding boxes, or segmentation, you can now label right from inside the viewer. Read more on labeling right in the input manager. 

Model version management

Track the different versions of your models as you improve them. Read more about model versioning.


Use hundreds of open source and community models from Clarifai and our users in your apps. Star and pin your favorites, and share your work with the Clarifai Community.

Send us your feedback

Starting today, when you Log in to Clarifai, you will be taken to the new Portal user interface. You will still be able to access our legacy Portal during this time.

We are confident that our new Portal experience will accelerate your machine learning journey.

We want  to hear your feedback. We value your feedback and we are here to help you get the most out of the new features.  

To send feedback, you can send us a message right in Portal through the chatbot in the lower right corner (or just click the direct link),  or through our Community Slack channel