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Clarifai Blog

Ian Kelk

Recent Posts

Linking Up: Clarifai with LangChain Integration

Explore the seamless integration of LangChain into Clarifai's framework, unlocking advanced NLP capabilities.

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.8: Hot! New Talking Models

The new Python SDK, AI-assisted labeling, and an ever growing library of awesome generative models.

Easily Create a Variety of LLM Apps with Streamlit and Clarifai

By just changing the plain English prompt, quickly experiment with different LLMs and applications.

Fine-Tuning GPT-Neo for Text Classification

The process of fine-tuning the GPT-Neo, showcasing how text-to-text generative models can be adapted for ...

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.7: Fine-tune LLMs

Fine-tune LLMs for classification, a plethora of new generative models, and custom training configurations.

The Importance of LLaMA and Open Source Foundation Models

We explore the significance of open-source models, focusing on the LLaMA journey, and the remarkable ...

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.6: Modules

A new way to extend Clarifai’s UIs and perform customized backend processing.

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.5: Now with the leading LLMs, open source & 3rd party

We've added new ways to use your favorite LLMs and foundational models with Clarifai.

Bulk labeling the fast and easy way

Using cross-modal search, we can annotate large datasets orders of magnitude faster than the usual method of ...

Generative AI and Large Language Models

Whether generating realistic images, composing melodious music, or crafting human-like text, generative AI is ...

Training models using datasets and bulk labeling

We're going to walk through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and use datasets to train various ...

New Portal Public Preview

Our fully revamped Portal UI is entering Public Preview, and Clarifai 9.4 has been released.