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Ian Kelk

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Product Releases

Clarifai 10.0: Let's Get Chatty!

Explore the latest updates in text generation and model enhancements, including new UI features, advanced ...

What is RAG? (Retrieval Augmented Generation)

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) enhances LLMs by integrating real-time, external knowledge, improving ...

AI in 5: RAG with PDFs

Learn how Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) refines large language model responses by integrating current ...

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.11: B.Y.O.K (Bring Your Own Key)

API key integration, training time estimates, expanded deep fine-tuning access, and the latest groundbreaking ...

AI in 5: Cross-modal labeling and transfer learning

We're going to walk through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and use datasets to train various ...

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.10: Elevate, Integrate, Innovate

State-of-the-art BYTE-Track, enhanced Python SDK capabilities, and groundbreaking integrations for next-level ...

Introducing AI in 5

Explore, create, and implement AI models in minutes, making advanced AI accessible and user-friendly for ...

What is Transfer Learning?

A tutorial on how to use transfer learning with an LLM to build a text classification model.

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.9: Score! AI with the Assist

The new and improved AI-assisted labeling, a huge collection of new LLMs, and hyperparameters for wrapped ...

Linking Up: Clarifai with LangChain Integration

Explore the seamless integration of LangChain into Clarifai's framework, unlocking advanced NLP capabilities.

Product Releases

Clarifai 9.8: Hot! New Talking Models

The new Python SDK, AI-assisted labeling, and an ever growing library of awesome generative models.

Easily Create a Variety of LLM Apps with Streamlit and Clarifai

By just changing the plain English prompt, quickly experiment with different LLMs and applications.