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Ian Kelk

Recent Posts

Clarifai Release 9.0

We've made major improvements to the look and feel of Clarifai Community, as well as a new template and model.

Top 5 AI Trends in Retail For 2023

AI technology is being used to improve many aspects of retail shopping, from product recommendation engines ...

How AI can assist with Predictive Pricing in Retail

Predictive pricing is a pricing strategy that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize product pricing ...

Product Catalog Management and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way that retail companies manage their ...

Clarifai Release 8.11

A new lightweight face detector and four new models for general detection, plus a number of bug fixes and ...

How does ChatGPT work?

One of the latest developments in the NLP area is ChatGPT, a variant of the popular GPT-3 language model that ...

Clarifai Release 8.10

Four new models for face detection, barcode reading, and Japanese and Korean moderation.

4 Reasons Not To Build AI In-House (And 1 Reason You Should)

Should you build the AI infrastructure yourself or partner with an AI company?

Image Recognition Digital Asset Management Models

Computer Vision APIs: Improving Digital Asset Management With CV APIs

With Digital asset management (DAM) APIs, create DAM systems for yourself and others.

Clarifai Release 8.9

Improvements to UI for workflows, community navigation, and models

Clarifai Release 8.8

YOLO version 5 through 7, 180 translation models, and more in this release.


Creating Workflows in Clarifai Community

Use models as building blocks to create multimodal systems using images, audio, and even text translations.
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