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Ian Kelk

Recent Posts

Product Releases

Clarifai Release 8.0

The Clarifai platform has now been updated to Release 8.0! We've added some incredible models for both image ...

Product Releases

Clarifai Release 7.11

We're excited to announce Release 7.11 of the Clarifai platform. In case you missed it last time, Release ...

Imperfections in the Machine: Bias in AI

You are a super-intelligent alien named Cuq’oi, and you’ve just landed on Earth. Your mission is to learn ...

Data Labeling

Cleaning up data: What is a "Data-Centric" Approach to AI?

Using AI models, developers can create an astonishing array of useful real-world applications, representing ...

Industry News Machine Learning Edge AI

What Is Edge Computing in AI?

By integrating AI modules directly into local device hardware, many AI technologies will be more responsive, ...

Product Releases

Quick Guide To Machine Learning: What It Is and How It Works?

You’re likely reading this article because some algorithm brought you to it. Maybe it was through a search ...