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November 16, 2023

Introducing AI in 5

Table of Contents:

Celebrating a Decade of AI Innovation

2013 heralded a new era in artificial intelligence with the emergence of Clarifai. Founded by the visionary Matt Zeiler, who notably triumphed at the esteemed ImageNet contest, Clarifai was envisioned to redefine the possibilities within AI.

Ten years onward, we stand at the forefront of significant technological breakthroughs. As we commemorate this milestone, we reflect on the hallmark innovations that have cemented our reputation as pioneers in the AI landscape.


  • We introduced serverless inference, revolutionizing the simplicity of AI application development. Our infrastructure negated the need for deployment hassles, allowing developers to remain focused on innovation rather than operational logistics.

  • Clarifai took center stage as the first to launch a deep learning API. Our seminal general model could identify 10,000 concepts, far surpassing the scope of ImageNet, setting the benchmark for what would later be known as foundation models.


  • Recognizing the burgeoning potential of mobile technology, we released our Mobile SDK, a vanguard framework enabling AI inference directly on iOS and Android devices, ahead of giants like Apple and Google engaging in similar endeavors.

  • Moving beyond still images, our trailblazing Video API was the world's inaugural service for video content analysis, allowing for sophisticated video understanding by decoding and examining frames to determine their content.


  • Our pioneering spirit continued with the launch of a Full-Stack AI platform, delivering a suite of tools custom-engineered for the creation and deployment of AI applications tailored to unique user needs.

  • The Vector Store emerged as a novel solution for managing embedding vectors, facilitating custom training and visual similarity searches with a then novelty vector database that, by 2023, has become a widely adopted industry standard.

  • With Transfer Learning, we empowered users to train classifiers with incredible speed within our platform, fundamentally changing the efficiency of model development.


  • To cater to sophisticated AI use-cases, Clarifai developed Workflows, enabling the construction of computation graphs interlacing AI models and logical operations, a concept now widely recognized across various denominations in the industry.


  • Our Edge AI capabilities were born out of the necessity for low-latency, real-time predictions in challenging environments, including work with the Department of Defense. Optimized for a range of processors, this technology enabled powerful AI applications in the most remote and disconnected of settings.

  • Lastly, our Deep Training framework was introduced to simplify the complex process of training cutting-edge models from scratch, encapsulating the intricacies of model tuning within an accessible, serverless environment.


  • Clarifai achieved a pivotal milestone with the launch of the AI Lake, a comprehensive solution ushering in an era of unprecedented organization and optimization of AI workflows. By providing a repository for all AI assets—including models, annotations, datasets, workflows, and UIs—Clarifai’s AI Lake simplified collaboration and application development across enterprises.


  • The Clarifai family further expanded its ecosystem by unveiling Clarifai Community, a cutting-edge low-code/no-code platform engineered to empower developers and businesses alike in creating AI-driven applications with ease. This inclusive environment democratizes AI by enabling users to discover, test, create, and share a wide array of AI models, workflows, and app components.
  • Clarifai has full embraced Generative AI in 2023. The platform is now equipped with an extensive assortment of Foundation Models in the domains of language and vision, integrating pioneering offerings from OpenAI, Cohere, Anthropic, and a range of open-source  models such as GPT-Neo, RoBERTa, BERT, and Stable Diffusion. This integration allows developers to easily use the latest in AI innovation, offering a set of resources for the creation and customization of leading-edge AI applications. With the emphasis on continuous growth, the platform is committed to regularly enriching its collection, ensuring access to the forefront of generative AI technology.

As we celebrate a decade of achievement, Clarifai continues to be driven by the mission to bring AI's transformative power to businesses and developers worldwide. Our commitment to innovation is as steadfast as it was in our founding days, and we continue to build the future with the same pioneering spirit. It is with this same expertise and enthusiasm that you can build on Clarifai in as little as 5 minutes, and we call this forthcoming series of mini-projects "AI in 5".


AI in 5

"AI in 5" encapsulates an exciting concept: the ability to leverage powerful artificial intelligence technology within five minutes, transforming what once was the domain of experienced data scientists into a playground for all. This concept isn't just about speed; it's about accessibility, simplicity, and the empowerment that comes from turning ideas into working AI models almost as quickly as one can conceive them.

Clarifai is a full stack AI platform, designed to fulfill every need to create AI applications from the ground up. Our goal is to provide a full stack AI platform for developers and teams to quickly and collaboratively produce vision, language, and audio AI applications.


At its core, "AI in 5" is a celebration of democratized AI. It invites enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, educators, and developers to use AI without complex coding or extensive computational resources. Through user-friendly interfaces and pre-built tools, the platform makes tasks like labeling datasets, training an image classifier, or querying large language models as straightforward as a couple of clicks.

These endeavors ideally inspire a sense of exploration and imagination around what AI can do. For instance, users can teach a computer to classify images not just by direct tagging but by describing what they see in natural language—cross-modal labeling. It's like teaching a child to recognize animals in a picture book; except here, the learner is a machine, and the picture book is a diverse digital dataset. The beauty of this approach is how transfer learning then allows these models to apply knowledge gained from one task to excel in another—akin to learning principles from one's past experiences

This program intersects AI with diverse data types, exemplifying how AI can be truly multi-modal. You can feed the AI an image and have a text-based model respond with rich, contextual understanding. This fusion of visual and text comprehension pushes the boundaries of what's possible through AI—whether it's enhancing search functionality, providing nuanced analytics, or creating engaging user experiences.

Users can annotate large datasets swiftly with AI assistance, tap pre-trained models to discern intricate details through detection, recognition, and segmentation techniques, or use powerful features like RAG for smart data retrieval and knowledge extraction. These capabilities aren't just technical advancements; they're steps towards a future where AI tools are integral companions in problem-solving, creative endeavors, and decision-making processes.

Real-world implications of such rapid AI deployment can be profound. From the medical professional who can now swiftly analyze diagnostic images to the small business owner who integrates a custom recommendation system into their app within minutes, the "AI in 5" philosophy is indicative of a world where we spend less time building the fundamental tools and more time using them to drive value in our respective domains.

The existence of such simplicity and efficiency means that the underlying complexity is well-managed by the platform. It also suggests an ongoing evolution, with feedback loops from the user experience driving consistent enhancement of tools and features, such as streamlined multi-line code input, simple document uploading, and overcoming any functional roadblocks.

What's next?

"AI in 5" not only demonstrates the capability of Clarifai's platform to execute AI tasks swiftly but also represents an ideology where the power of AI is at everyone’s fingertips, allowing individuals and organizations to leverage technology that was once unreachable in a matter of minutes. It's this shift from possibility to practicality that sits at the heart of "AI in 5," proving that the future of AI is now and it's accessible to all.

As an ongoing campaign, AI in 5 will be releasing bite-sized 5 minute applications you can build on the platform. Let's get building!