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November 20, 2023

10 innovations in our 10th year

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10 innovations in our 10th years-1

Clarifai Turns 10 & Launches 10 New Features to Celebrate


In January 2023, few people understood the impact on AI and the world when OpenAI released an early demo of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, or the speed of the technology adoption that would follow. Suddenly, business executives were talking about transformer models, synthetic data, foundation models, prompt engineering, and whether or not AI would be the downfall of humanity. Clarifai has dedicated ten years to bringing safe, secure, reliable, reproducible, state-of-the-art AI to developers everywhere so they can quickly and collaboratively produce and scale enterprise-grade AI. Our tenth year continued that mission, leading the way forward through the generative wave by releasing ten new features, bringing speed, efficiency, and simplicity to developers building generative AI for themselves and the organizations they support.  

10 innovations in Clarifai's 10th Year 

Let’s take a look at 2023 and ten great new features we introduced so that Clarifai’s full stack generative AI platform would continue to lead the way in making developers more productive and efficient in building AI: 

  1. The Organizations feature within the Clarifai Community enables users to maximize the value of teamwork by bringing multiple Clarifai accounts into an organization where users can collaborate, and management of Clarifai operations is centralized.
  2. We introduced access to popular open source and 3rd party LLMs with our LLM wrapper providing a unified interface between these different models.
  3. Transfer learning on LLMs launched first with embedding models from Cohere and OpenAI.
  4. We were the first to allow you to perform auto data labeling with GPT3.5/4 and LLM wrappers.
  5. Partnering with Streamlit,  we built modules that allow developers to build UIs to perform computation around the API or to extend the Clarifai UI, augment back-end processing, and build customer solutions with quick and easy web apps.
  6. LLM fine tuning with LoRA enabled developers to understand the effectiveness of LLMs in dealing with real-world text classification tasks.
  7. We expanded how you search for images with the introduction of Smart Image Search by Caption, easily rank, sort, and retrieve images based on a predictive match to a query caption text - super fast and easy!
  8. We released the first open-source version of a Python SDK, providing developers a simple, fast, and efficient way to experience the power of Clarifai’s full stack AI platform using just a few lines of code.
  9. We built a Chatbot module that remembers conversations as you go and a Document Q&A module so you can upload PDFs and chat with your data, making it easier for developers to use these modules in their apps.
  10. Finally, we’ve been adding more partnerships and integrations into the Clarifai platform, including LangchainLlamaIndex, activepieces, and Databricks, as a way to ensure you have easy access to the best technologies available so you can focus on building AI and not integrating tools. 

2Clarifai Organizations Enhancing Collaborative AI Management

Rounding up

What a list - and the year isn't over yet! As we celebrate a decade of achievement, Clarifai continues to be driven by the mission to bring AI's transformative power to businesses and developers worldwide. Clarifai was the first to market with many AI technologies accumulating into the only full stack AI platform on the market,  now empowering the generative AI wave. 

Happy 10th Birthday to Clarifai, and thank you to our loyal clients - developers, data scientists, engineers, business professionals, analysts, and anyone else - who have been on our journey to date. We can't wait to deliver many more good things to come. If you haven't joined us, today's a great time to start for free


Clarifai is a full stack AI platform, designed to fulfill every need to create AI applications from the ground up. Our goal is to provide a full stack AI platform for developers and teams to quickly and collaboratively produce vision, language, and audio AI applications.