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September 14, 2023

Using Generative Models with Clarifai

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Using Generative Models with Clarifai

Generative AI is a great tool to have in any developer’s toolkit! Generative AI has endless use cases and has the ability to create new content based on the data they were trained on.

Read this blog to learn how to use the most popular and most useful generative AI models with Clarifai.

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What’s so great about Generative AI anyway? 🤔

Generative models greatly enhance the capabilities of AI by not just predicting data outcomes but by interpreting and replicating the underlying structure of the input data. These models generate near-identical new data samples, enable a deeper understanding of data, and automate tasks, saving businesses time and resources while allowing more accurate predictions and better decision-making. Their wide-ranging applications, from image synthesis to natural language processing, mark an advanced and innovative approach to modeling world data, significantly improving various business applications

Clarifai has wrapped almost all the models from leading Generative AI providers. Whatever your use, we can help! Here, we highlight just a few key players.

Who are Cohere, AI21, and OpenAI? 

Cohere, AI21 Labs, and OpenAI are influential players in generative artificial intelligence. Cohere is known for machine learning models that understand and generate human-like text, focusing on context-based responses. AI21 Labs, founded by AI veterans, has produced Hugging Face's Jurassic-1, a 334 billion-parameter language model. OpenAI, co-founded by Elon Musk, is a leading research organization specializing in artificial general intelligence and has developed advanced models like GPT-3, which has 175 billion machine learning parameters.

How to use Generative AI Models with Clarifai 

Well, that's the easy part! Check out this short video, which shows how to find and use different generative models from Cohere, AI21, and OpenAI in Clarifai.

Don’t stop at these. Clarifai offers many LLMs for you to use in your app! We keep an updated 📋 list here, so check back often. So, based on your purpose, explore away!LLMS BlogIf this is your first time using Clarifai, you may want to check out our Introduction to Clarifai Tutorial to help you get started! 

Happy building with Clarifai, the Generative AI Developer Platform!🚀 

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