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Custom model building services by the industry experts.

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Enlight ModelForce can help you build the right model to fit your needs.

Our AI experts build custom models that solve your business problems, no matter how complex.


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We can build you custom machine learning models for your cloud or ours. 

How we create your new AI model

With over six years of experience building models for businesses just like yours, our data strategists can deliver results far beyond what is possible off the shelf. We offer expertise, purpose-built tools and unique data sources that will push the performance of your model to its limit. 

Step 1: Define your model

Machines have a hard time making sense of the world around them. They need a human to help them understand what they are looking at. We'll translate your business needs into terms that a computer can understand. 

  • Establishing ground truths
  • Developing your taxonomy

Step 2: Prepare your data for machine learning

We'll obtain and "wrangle" your data, ensuring that it will work seamlessly within your model. We can even create data, scrape data, or recycle existing data sources.

We’ll identify important variables or visual features, and check for data imbalances that could impact the predictions of your model. We'll also eliminate "noisy" data and duplicate entries.


We offer Scribe LabelForce—fully managed data labeling service that makes it easy to obtain the high quality labels you need for building highly accurate models.

Find our more about Scribe LabelForce >

Step 3: Create and optimize your model

We're experts in the design of model architectures and parameters for customized models. Our Enlight ModelForce service offers: 

  • Model architecture planning
  • Model training
  • Model evaluation
  • Fine tuning model parameters


Two approaches for training your model

Transfer Learning

Our advanced transfer learning architecture has provided the foundation for hundreds of high performance models in production today.

By pre-training a neural network model on known tasks, and then using the trained neural network as the basis of a new purpose-specific model we are able to get highly accurate results quickly, with less training data. 


Deep Training

Our classification algorithm trains AI to understand your whole image at once. Our detection algorithm locates an object in an image and then understands that part of the image.

We can also train AI to understand images at the smallest possible unit on your computer screen: the pixel. This is where "pixel training" or "deep training" come in. Contact us to find out if deep training will help you achieve your goals with AI.