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Momio uses AI to keep children safe on social media

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Use Case
Children kept safe & taught valuable lessons about social media use

Just 1 month

to launch Clarifai

Millions of images

checked by Clarifai


Momio is a social media for pre-teen children. First launched in Denmark in 2013, it is now immensely popular among children throughout the Nordics, the DACH region, the Netherlands, and Poland – with as much as 20% market penetration in some countries.


Momio’s users can interact with their friends in a variety of ways; including posting updates on their wall, sending messages to friends and groups, and inviting other users into their personally decorated ‘rooms’. The platform is designed to offer a playful, safe environment, where children can develop valuable social media competencies that prepare them for interacting on other sites as they get older.


Although most of the children ‘play nice’, some try to push their boundaries by posting inappropriate images. Given the young age of the users, it is crucial that photographs containing adult, harmful, scary stuff or spam are excluded from the community.


Momio already had a number of successful safety measures in place, enforced by their team of Community Managers. However, policing a platform that hosts such a large volume of user-generated content is no simple feat. In 2017, almost 1 billion messages were sent and 30 million images were posted on Momio. With safety as their priority, the team started exploring artificial intelligence technology to support their visual moderation needs.


Momio looked at several different AI platforms with the capability to automatically recognize image content. They chose Clarifai based on the background and expertise of the CEO, Matt Zeiler, and the reputation of the company as a leader in the field of computer vision.


Now, Momio uses Clarifai’s NSFW model to screen all images – before they are posted to the platform. This ensures that user-generated content is suitable for the young audience.


The Clarifai API made it quick and easy to integrate AI to the Momio platform, and their new moderation capabilities were launched in just one month.

Integrating artificial intelligence on their platform means that no image goes unscreened. The result is that young users are protected from exposure to damaging visual content and Momio’s Community Management team are enabled to spend their time focussing on other tasks.

CEO Mikael Jensen says that working with Clarifai has been a very positive experience, that can benefit other businesses with moderation needs.


Clarifai’s moderation technology helps Momio keep their users safe. It also offers an opportunity to teach the children valuable lessons about social media.


Each time a child attempts to post an inappropriate picture, Clarifai recognizes it. Momio then uses a policeman character called Jack to reach out to the child. It’s a successful system: Jack explains that the action was wrong, why it could be harmful and that it could have had repercussions. Momio has found that users who are approached by Jack, don’t re-offend.