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    Clarifai and Deepgram Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate AI Innovation

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WASHINGTON, March 18, 2024
— Clarifai, a global leader in AI development and a pioneer of the full-stack AI platform, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Deepgram, a leader in automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. This strategic alliance combines Deepgram's powerful speech-to-text models with Clarifai's renowned platform for building and deploying AI at scale. It offers developers, teams, and organizations a faster way to build AI applications with voice.

The partnership focuses on Deepgram's state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology, known for its high accuracy and adaptability across various industries, with Clarifai's leading AI platform that simplifies the process of creating and deploying Large Language Models (LLMs), data labeling, and modeling unstructured image, video, text, and audio data. By integrating Deepgram's expertise into the Clarifai platform, developers can now harness the power of accurate speech recognition seamlessly, opening new possibilities for voice-driven AI applications.


Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Innovative AI Solutions: The collaboration aims to foster innovation by combining Clarifai's platform, empowering developers to create sophisticated AI applications more efficiently, with Deepgram's advanced speech recognition capabilities.

Streamlined Development: Developers using the Clarifai platform can now easily integrate Deepgram's ASR technology, reducing the time and effort required to build AI applications that incorporate speech recognition functionality.

Enhanced User Experiences: The joint efforts of Clarifai and Deepgram promise to enhance user experiences in AI applications, particularly those leveraging voice interactions. This is a significant step forward in making AI more accessible and user-friendly.

Cross-Industry Impact: The partnership is poised to make waves across various industries, from customer service applications and transcription services to voice-enabled devices and more.



Amith Nair, President & COO of Clarifai: "This strategic partnership marks an exciting chapter for both Clarifai and Deepgram. Together, we are poised to unlock new possibilities for developers, enabling them to build AI faster and with enhanced ASR capabilities. This collaboration underscores our commitment to driving innovation in the AI landscape."

Scott Stephenson, CEO of Deepgram: "We are thrilled to partner with Clarifai in this endeavor to push the boundaries of voice AI innovation. By integrating Deepgram's speech-to-text capabilities with Clarifai's platform, we empower developers to create AI applications with unprecedented accuracy, speed, and efficiency."

Matt Arcaro, IDC research director for computer vision AI tools and technologies sees that “Partnerships like this between Clarifai and Deepgram are critical to driving innovation and access to the greater AI ecosystem. With more powerful tools and capabilities, and faster access to data of all types, AI will be more impactful, accessible, and drive greater business and user value.”

The Clarifai and Deepgram partnership represents a significant step forward in advancing the capabilities of AI applications, promising to reshape the landscape of voice-driven interactions. Developers and organizations alike can anticipate a more streamlined and powerful AI development process, fostering a new wave of innovation.

About Clarifai:

Clarifai simplifies how developers and teams create, share, and run AI at scale by providing companies with a cutting-edge platform to build enterprise AI faster, leveraging today's modern AI technologies like Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), data labeling, inference, and more. Founded in 2013, Clarifai is available in cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments and has been used to build more than one million AI models with more than 380,000 users in 170 countries. Learn more at

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