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  • NLP Models for Text Insights

    Get more value out of your text and image data with NLP and Computer Vision.

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Get more value out of unstructured data with natural language processing.

Summarize the meaning of text as well as gain an understanding of the opinions or emotions found inside data using NLP. Recognize text within images in order to analyze content deeper.


State-of-the-art, accurate text analysis pre-trained models to get you started.

  • Custom train text classification models. Automatically assign tags or categories to analyze text based on its contents. Build accurate models for topic analysis, sentiment analysis, smart reply and more.
    Use pre-built text moderation models to detect toxic, obscene, racist or threatening language or train your own custom moderation models.
    Extract text from images to get more meaning and metadata from your content.
    Identify and extract structured text from documents with the option to add bounding boxes.

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  • Realize the benefits of multi-modal workflows.

    Combine results from your text classification and visual text recognition models and use  a rules based approach to determine the meaning behind the sentiment.

Derive insights from unstructured text with NLP.

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