Clarifai Use Cases

We power your business with easy to use, trainable, and customizable computer vision AI models that are flexible enough to serve your unique business case.


Personalize the Shopping Experience

Upgrade your customer’s shopping experience with the ability to make products more discoverable and relevant driven by the ability to automate processes and improve tagging accuracy all through computer vision AI.


Zero in on Customer Behavior

Drive greater efficiency within your store by using computer vision AI to measure customer shopper behaviors and store paths directly from a CCTV camera.

Commercial Residential

Protect Yourself, Tenants, and Employees

Identify threats, prevent crimes, and recognize safety hazards through real-time tracking and monitoring directly from your CCTV video feeds.

Public Sector

Augment Your Existing Intelligence

Enhance your existing intelligence and gather new computer vision AI generated insights to make more accurate and better-informed decisions.