WEBINAR | AI Prototype to Production: Operationalizing and Orchestrating AI
  • Webinar On-Demand

    Improve Policyholder Experience and Claims Processing Efficiency with AI

  • Expedite claims processing and improve operational efficiencies with artificial intelligence

    42% of policyholders already use mobile apps to submit photos and videos related to claims, inspection, and evaluation of autos and homes. All signs point to customer satisfaction with these apps as being very high and as P&C insurance providers seek to drive efficiencies and improve their customer experience, the services offered through these apps will take center stage.

    Some of the most exciting features that can be deployed on these apps are powered by computer vision AI. Computer vision can take the images and videos submitted by policyholders and expedite the claims process by detecting and evaluating the damage faster and more accurately.

    In this webinar learn:

    How to differentiate your customer experience with AI-powered services

    How to activate efficiency improvements with AI

    How to develop custom AI models that compliment your business rules and historical data