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    How to Use Computer Vision AI to Improve Visual Inspection

    Discover a better way to monitor manufacturing, transportation, and quality control.

  • Improve equipment monitoring, part failure detection, and production defects.

    Visual inspection is critical to monitoring industrial machinery, transportation infrastructure, manufacturing output, workplace safety, and many other industrial processes. Today most visual inspection is conducted by human visual inspectors, but manual visual inspection is time-consuming and costly for organizations to deliver.

    Many visual inspectors have niche expertise and require specialized training. Organizations worldwide are experiencing workforce shortages, and this labor shortage is driving the cost of visual inspection up even higher. Organizations need to provide products and services at high velocity with few defects, and visual inspection is a bottleneck in many industrial processes.

    Computer vision AI automates visual inspection and can detect failures earlier and more effectively than manual human inspection. Visual inspection enhanced by computer vision can reduce equipment failures and maximize operational availability.

    Learn how visual inspection using computer vision offers many advantages over manual inspection:

    Accuracy improvements

    Faster processing speeds

    Improved safety

    Increased uptime

  • Amaba

    Dr. Ben Amaba,
    Fellow, IISE

    VP of Strategic Partnerships

  • Daniels

    Dr. Jeff Daniels

    Director, Automation Center of Excellence for Enterprise Business and Digital Transformation
    Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Laplante

    Dr. Phil Laplante

    Professor of Software and Systems Engineering
    Penn State University
    Advisor to NIST

  • Modi

    Dr. Piyush Modi

    Global Business Development and Strategy, Industrial Sector