November 22, 2016

10 AI Hacks We’re Thankful for This Year

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Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and appreciation. At Clarifai, we’re most thankful for our awesome community of developers who create mind-blowing apps on our visual recognition API. We’ve put together a roundup of apps that reflect the things we’re grateful for this Thanksgiving holiday – enjoy!


Thanksgiving is a holiday where you get together with your friends and family and give thanks for the many blessings in your lives. At Clarifai, we celebrate with our #Clarifam by eating a ton of food and reflecting on the many amazing things you, our developer community, have given us over the last year. We’re thankful for many things, from the 350+ developer hacks you’ve built and showcased on Devpost to the $30M Series B funding you helped us raise. So, we just wanted to share ten hacks we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving!


Food animation of Thanksgivng with turkey and pilgrim

Food, obviously

Given that the American tradition of Thanksgiving was originally started to celebrate a bountiful harvest, we have to say we’re pretty thankful for the plentiful eats in our lives. We’ve been spoiled this year with pizza-fueled hackathons, professionally catered team meetings, and healthy yet delicious office snacks. If you’re as gluttonous as we are, you’ll also appreciate the many food-based Clarifai hacks that are perfect for this time of year – Foodifai, which can tell you how healthy your meal is based on a photo, and YUMMIfai, which recommends recipes for you to cook based on a photo of the contents of your fridge.


Pilgrim and turkey dancing animationFamily and friends

At Clarifai, we’re really lucky to be working with our friends, not just co-workers. This year, we’re especially thankful for the loved ones who support us and the customers and users whom we’ve gotten to know pretty well over the course of many emails, calls, meetups, and tweets. You guys are seriously the best. We’re glad we have hacks like Found, which helps people find lost loved ones, and FindALostPet, which helps people find lost pets, to keep tabs on you guys and never let you leave us!



Disney Animation of Thanksgiving

A sense of humor

We love that you guys appreciate our quirky humor, from our cheeky Not Safe For Work nudity recognition model launch to our gif-tastic tweet wars. It’s really important to us to solve the world’s problems while also maintaining a sense of humor about what we do – it’s what separates us from the robots (*koff* rhymes with Moogle *koff*). We’re thankful you guys share our fun-loving worldview, with hacks like Pocket Hipster, which generates hipster poetry based on images, and PicAPun, which generates puns based on images.


Macy's Day Parade Animation

Having a home

We’re thankful for our incredible home in the world’s greatest city (maybe we’re biased), New York City. This year, our company grew, and we moved into a swanky office. Next year, we’ll move into an even bigger, swankier new office! We’re appreciative of the Real Estate Genius hack, which tells us exactly how much our new office is worth on the market based on photos.





Good health


Clarifai, we try to stay happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. We’re thankful for our flexible work policy that lets us have time to exercise, the shower in our office that helps us not stink up the room after our exercise, and the abundance of healthy snacks to make sure we don’t counteract the good effects of our exercise. We’re also glad to have mental health breaks and a great vacation policy! We love to see our technology promote good health for others who might not have the same advantages, which is why we partnered with i-Nside to build a medical app that helps doctors better diagnose patients in areas without robust medical services.


Bountiful swag

As anyone who’s encountered #Clarifools in the wild knows, we’re pretty fashionable creatures. From Clarifai-branded Herschel backpacks to Clarifai-branded flip flops to Clarifai-branded hoodies, we’re pretty much known in the NYC tech scene as “that AI company with the cool swag.” We’re thankful we’re able to rep our brand and share our swag with our community. That being said, we’re glad our hackers built Claridrobe, a personal stylist AI, and Intellivision, an augmented-reality shopping app, to help us fill the gaps in our wardrobe for the few occasions where a Clarifai t-shirt might not be appropriate.



Another Star Wars movie!

Historically, we’ve had to wait years (even decades!) for another Star Wars movie. Not this year! Right on the heels of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, we get Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in 2016 – if that’s not something to be thankful for, we don’t know what is. This year, we’re thankful for Lucasfilm and our incredible hacker who built the world’s first AI-powered, 3D-printed lightsaber!