November 15, 2016

Clarifai-Powered Adobe Lightroom Plugin Automatically Sorts Your Photos by Image Quality

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With our recently released Landscape Quality and Portrait Quality models, we built an Adobe Lightroom plugin for photographers to use to automatically sort high quality photos from low quality ones. This helps make the post-processing workflow more efficient by filtering out blurry, over-exposed, and otherwise low quality images!

Digital photography advances have made it easier and easier to take more and more photos. On the one hand, this helps photographers capture the perfect shot. On the other, it means there are a whole lot more bad photos to sort through, too. We built an Adobe Lightroom plugin from our recently released Photography Quality visual recognition model that will automatically sort your high quality photos from your low quality ones and save you tons of time and effort in selecting the best pics for post-processing!


Adobe Lightroom Clarifai Photo Quality Plugin Instructions

Make sure you have Adobe Lightroom Classic Installed.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

Download the Plugin from: this link and unzip the file.

To install the Clarifai Plugin. Go to File and Open the Plugin Manager

Clarifai Plugin For Adobe Lightroom

In the Plugin Manager Window, click on the Add button as shown below.

Adobe Plugin Window Manager

Click on the unzipped file which should be a directory labeled,
“ClarifaiLandscapeQuality.lrdevplugin”. This will install the plugin. You should see the following screen.

Lightroom Plug-in manager

Create an a Clarifai Portal Account at


We have already created your first application for you. Click on the name to get your API KEY.

Clarifai Manage Application Screen

Copy your API Key and enter it in the Lightroom Clarifai Plugin. (Note: The API Key in this image is fake. Please create your own for this to work)

Clarifai API Key

Enter the API Key in the Lightroom Plugin and click Done.

Select the photos you want to run the plugin on in Lightroom.

API Key For Adobe Lightroom

Click on “Library > Plug-in Extras > Check Landscape Photo Quality with Clarifai”

Computer Vision Model Creation

You will see a dialog window showcasing all the selected photos and if they are a High or Low-Quality photo. Click Save so each photo can be tagged with that keyword and can then sort your photos by high or low quality.

High vs Low Quality Images for Computer Modeling

You can sort photos by typing “high” or “low” in the text filter section of Lightroom.

Castle and Goat