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July 28, 2017

Workflows: Use Multiple Visual Recognition Models at the Same Time, With a Single API Call

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Clarifai has quite the collection of visual recognition models you can choose from – general, apparel, travel, demographics, moderation, etc. But what if you want to use more than just one at a time? Introducing Workflow Predict, our latest feature that allows you to save time and reduce latency by using multiple visual recognition models at the same time in a single API call.


Every day, we learn more from our customers and build features to address their needs and extend their capabilities. Most Clarifai users like to take advantage of more than one of our visual recognition models, so we’ve made it easier than ever for you to do so with our new Workflow Predict feature.

Workflows encompass one or more Public or Custom models. You can make a Predict operation call on a Workflow endpoint, which will provide results from the models that are contained inside of it.

Workflow Predict can significantly reduce the number of API calls that you have to make, since the same results will be available by making a single API call. This enables your apps to be simpler in design and have lower latency.

Please note: You will still be charged by normal pricing based on number of inputs being processed through number of models (e.g. if you send 5 images through to a Workflow which has 3 models inside of it, you will be charged for 15 operations).

Users can create a Workflow within an application on the Manage Your Applications page. On this page, you can select from a list of Public Models and Custom Models (within this app) to be added to the Workflow.


Once the Workflow has been created, you can start making API calls to the Workflow endpoint! All the details for the documentation can be found in our Docs section.

How do you like our new Workflow Predict feature? Shoot us a message at!