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Kunal Batra

Kunal Batra

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Introducing Model Evaluation - Test and Improve the Accuracy of Custom Training Models

Last December, we announced a new feature that would let Clarifai users build their own custom trained models ...

Company News Product Releases

See Sharper with Clarifai's New C# Client

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of our new official Clarifai C# client. This has been ...


Build A Command Line App That Sorts Your Photos by Quality

With our new Landscape Quality and Portrait Quality models, photographers can now quickly identify which ...

Tutorials Product Releases

Build Your Own Visual Similarity App With Clarifai’s Face Embedding Model

We’re excited to release our new Face Embedding model which you can use for organizing, filtering, and ...


Clarifai-Powered Adobe Lightroom Plugin Automatically Sorts Your Photos by Image Quality

With our recently released Landscape Quality and Portrait Quality models, we built an Adobe Lightroom plugin ...