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Clarifai Release 6.3

By Jeff Toffoli

Clarifai Release 6.3 reveals a ton of improvements to the way that annotations are managed in our platform. These powerful new annotation tools are available as new endpoints in our API, and are helping to power Clarifai's all-new Labeler. Plus, you can now automatically annotate your data based on your model predictions. Release 6.3 also includes the official introduction of our latest face recognition technology, CFR 3.1.

CFR 3.1


CFR 3.1 delivers major advancements across all categories of facial recognition performance, with overall performance boosts of  20-25% on our evaluations. Now you can build your AI solution with our most advanced facial recognition technology yet. 

Annotation API

This year, we have greatly expanded the annotation capabilities within the Clarifai platform. You can now control many new aspects of your annotation pipeline, with access to concepts, regions, users status and many other new endpoints. 

Auto Annotation 


With auto-annotation, you can use model predictions to label your inputs. Auto-annotation can help you to prepare training data, or assign other useful labels and metadata to your inputs. Since models are doing most of the work of annotating your data, this enables you to speed-up and scale-up your annotation process while ensuring quality standards, typically reducing human effort of labelling data by orders of magnitude. And since this is built into our APIs it seamlessly integrates with all the search, training and prediction functionality of the Clarifai platform.


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