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Release 6.3 Changelog

By Jeff Toffoli

Changelog 6.3

New Feature


Bug Fix

Enterprise Only




Send collaborator emails asynchronously

NLP bug fixes for non-text apps




Consolidated input related status codes

Add to API as well as region.track_id

Granted select permission to clarifairead




Added list annotations filter status

Added concept selection for tasks

Post/Patch annotations request now allow setting status

Changed task form options

Set annotation status to awaiting for review if the authorized user is not app owner

Return only input_level annotation in

Drawing annotations: wrong embed model version id. Fixed

Eliminated error if no annotation to be deleted

Create one annotation for each bbox




Added support for adding and training on text in the platform

Created a NLP mock prediction endpoint

Created test set to evaluate quick trained models or k-fold if no test search is specified

Added vocab_id for demographics model concepts

Fixed sorting of A.G.E. concepts in golang for demographics model so we don't chop off sets of them

Deprecated Face from javascript Client

Deprecated Face from Java Client

Confusion matrix predicted/true are swapped in evaluation results. Fixed

Explorer Image/Text Joint embedding

Fixed selectEmbedModelVersionId in detection apps

Fixed generalModel imports and optimized video click handlers with useCallback hooks




Persisted the saved search used in train a model version

Created log for annotation/search request/response

Region Searches within Search Bar still use crop coordinates instead of base64 bytes. Fixed




Created new Single Image View and Image Tools

Enabled Display Text Thumbnails in App Grid View and App Details View

Text Thumbnails display in Portal/Search Bar disabled

Enabled View Text Assets in Portal's Image View

Added Text Inputs To Explorer Apps

Imported new icons for Labeler Image Tools into the style guide

Added login tracking to analytics package in Portal

Allowed pasting into the add inputs text area and clear the text box after clicking submit

Search bar not visible. Fixed

Removed all instances of worker_id from Explorer

Fixed popover left/right overflow

Disabled all search by click handlers in Portal for Text Apps

Click Search button icons on Thumbs not working for localized search. Fixed

Fixed details page header missing description

Fixed demo font syntax




Added a Range Slider to filter Workflow Predictions by Value

Updated Face workflow to include the detect faces as concepts for search

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