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June 28, 2021

Clarifai Release 7.6

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This is the start of something great in AI.

Welcome to the Release 7.6 of the Clarifai Platform. Clarifai is on a mission to help our customers turn unstructured data into knowledge, and we're building tools that'll help  you implement useful solutions quickly and stay on the cutting edge of AI. We're unveiling some of our most advanced image processing technology ever, plus a whole set of new tools for managing data pipelines at scale. We bring years of practical experience in AI, and we're proud to provide a platform that is easy to use and serves the unique needs of customers working with unstructured image, video and text data



Organization and Team Support

We're releasing an entirely new set of organization and team support tools designed to make it easy to manage data labeling, model training and inference pipelines at scale. Organization and team support helps you succeed at managing the human component of your AI technology stack. Learn more. 

HIPAA and SOC Type 1

We’ve leveled up our platform for enterprises. Clarifai is now HIPAA compliant and adheres to national standards that have been developed to protect sensitive patient health information. We're also SOC Type 1 compliant. This ensures that our organization maintains complete and consistent compliance when it comes to standards, regulations and acts like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Workflow-Versions [Initial Release]

Just like model versions, workflow versions help you deploy AI solutions quickly and then iterate on your designs over time. We’ve designed workflow-versions to work just like Clarifai’s model versions—except that workflows never need to be trained. You can create new versions of workflows with a call to the new PatchWorkflows, or just update the name of an existing workflow version. Learn more. 


Track Suggestions for AI-assist

Our AI-assist labeling tool already accelerates many labeling projects by more than 100x. Now with integrated support for track suggestions, AI-assist helps you track objects across multiple frames of video automatically. Track suggestions are integrated with the predictions of AI-assist so that our platform can help your labelers prepare training datasets faster than has ever been possible before. Learn more.


Edit Collaborator Scopes in Portal

Data can be sensitive and impactful, and protecting the way that data is used is critical. Clarifai has provided fine-grained controls over user permissions related to an app for a long time, but we're taking this control a step further with the ability to edit collaborator scopes in Portal. Now you can share an app with colleagues and control the precise endpoints that are available to be used. Learn more. 

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