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August 30, 2021

Clarifai Release 7.8

Table of Contents:

This is Software 2.0

Clarifai is making the world's AI accessible to businesses and organizations that have never worked with AI before. We provide a complete suite of tools, and enable our customers to label train and deploy all in one integrated platform so that they can build AI-powered solutions fast. Clarifai Release 7.8 introduces edge-optimized models and the official public release of Organizations and Teams.


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New model: Edge-Optimized Person Detector

Flare brings Clarifai’s advanced deep learning technology to the edge. The new model architecture used by our edge-optimized person detector is designed to provide lightweight and accurate prediction on low-powered, local devices running Clarifai Flare. This new model addresses some of the most important use cases related to edge computing: security, behavior analytics and people counting, to name just a few. Learn more about the model here, or try it yourself.


New model: Edge-Optimized Person and Vehicle Detector

People and vehicles are often sharing the same spaces, especially in busy urban environments. The Edge-Optimized Person and Vehicle Detector makes it easy to identify these two important object types with one model, and its optimized for performance on lightweight edge devices. Learn more about the model here, or try it yourself.



General Release of Organizations and Teams

We're proud to announce the general release of organization and team support. We are offering a suite of tools designed to make it easy to manage your data labeling, model training and inference pipelines at scale. Organization and team support helps you succeed at managing the human component of your AI technology stack. Learn more here.