December 21, 2017

Goodbye Forevery. Hello Future.

Table of Contents:

A message from Matt Zeiler, Clarifai Founder and CEO

As I’m sure you know by now, we at Clarifai are dedicated to providing our developers and customers the best and most innovative technologies in the AI space. We introduced Forevery, our mobile app for consumers, in 2015 to bring the benefits of AI to their personal photo library and wanted to thank you for using it.

A greater vision for the future.

Since its inception, Forevery has been powered by Clarifai’s market-leading and award-winning deep learning technology. Over the last two years, we have realized that the impact our technology can have in the world is much greater than in a single photo app. This is why we released the underlying Forevery technology as a Mobile SDK in Beta earlier this year. We have decided to focus our energy on this opportunity, which unfortunately means Forevery as a standalone product for consumers will be discontinued from the App Store. We are full steam ahead in making the SDK available to application developers and businesses, across all mobile devices. We can’t wait to power many more apps through Clarifai’s deep learning technology.

What this means for Forevery.

Starting today, you will no longer be able to download the Forevery app from the App Store. The app will continue to run on your existing photos but unfortunately, new photos you take will not be searchable. Other backend services that support Forevery will also be discontinued in the coming days, which may further impact the app.

The Forevery app never created backups of your photos so they should remain where they are in your photo gallery, so you can simply choose your new favorite way of viewing them!

I’d like to personally thank you for using Forevery and we hope to power your next intelligent app with Clarifai’s tech! If you’d like to learn more about the Clarifai Mobile SDK, click here.