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November 10, 2023

Meet the Clarifai Winners of the AI DevWorld Hackathon

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In October 2023, Clarifai was excited to participate in the API + AI DevWorld Hackathon, which was in-person in San Francisco and virtual. The hackathon aimed to bring creativity to building AI-first products using powerful language models.

Generative AI Showdown: Building with LLMs and Workflows from the Clarifai community

The challenge required participants to create a groundbreaking Generative AI project and showcase an innovative application using Clarifai’s diverse range of models and leveraging workflows that help chain together multiple models with a single API.

20 impressive projects were created using Clarifai and submitted for judging. Here are the projects that stood out the most!

1st Place 🥇: Hello Sign & Clarifai Legal Contract Documents Analyzer

The Hello Sign & Clarifai Legal Contract Documents Analyzer won the top prize! It is an AI tool that analyzes, summarizes, and translates legal contract documents before sending them to the clients/customers for document signing. It leverages Clarifai and Dropbox/Hellosign API.

The three significant issues faced by people signing the contract documents are:

  1. Cheating and fraudulent activities by their contracting companies/parties.
  2. Complex, long/lengthy legal contract documents make reading and analyzing legal contract documents extremely difficult.
  3. Language barrier: Not everyone understands English.

Clarifai Document Analyzer solves all the above problems by breaking down contract documents into simple and easily understandable structures.

Here is how the Clarifai Document Analyzer works:

  • Once the user uploads a contract document PDF file, the application extracts the text from the document and stores the details in the database using a PDF parser library.

  • Next, the app leverages Clarifai's Sentiment API to run sentimental analysis on the extracted text documents to break down the document contents. It analyzes each document for sentiments such as positivity, negativity, or neutral statements.

  • The app also uses the GPT-3.5 Model from Clarifai to detect, analyze, and list all the people, persons, organizations, companies, and entities involved in the contract signing documents, as well as to pinpoint all the keywords and keyphrases involved in the contract signing documents.

  • It now summarizes the contract documents and generates relevant insights, making document comprehension easier. The application also allows users to ask questions about signing documents and provides an option to translate extracted text documents from one language to another.

  • Finally, the HelloSign API is used to send signing documents to the user's/signer's email addresses for signing. Users can also list, view, and manage all the HelloSign documents and signatures. Users can cancel document signature requests and can also send signature reminders.

Check out the video below or the Devpost project to learn more about the project.

2nd Place 🥈: Campaign Alchemist

Campaign Alchemist won second place. It is an AI App that simplifies and enhances content creation, making it easier to market products, features, and companies.

  • It generates short posts with audio for platforms for marketing platforms. It also generates long, detailed posts for platforms that support longer posts and blogs.

  • Generates an aesthetic custom image embedded QR codes to share product links, feature links, and marketing posts.

Campaign Alchemist utilizes Clarifai workflows to integrate multiple models such as GPT-3.5 Turbo and Elevenlabs Speech Synthesis (Text to Audio), establishing a robust multi-model system capable of addressing various use cases in a single call rather than relying solely on a single model to produce short, long posts, audio outputs, and translate posts into Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

Check out the YouTube video below or the Devpost project to learn more about Campaign Alchemist.

3rd Place 🥉: Facets wellness app

Facets Wellness, the third-place winner, is a journaling app designed to help users gain self-awareness and a better understanding of themselves by effectively analyzing their emotions and thoughts through journaling, supported by psychology, coaching, neuroscience, and more.

The team developed the 'Identify Your Feelings' activity, which first explains the significance of identifying one's emotions. It then encourages users to journal the situations that led to these emotions. By utilizing the Nonviolent Communications Feelings List, users can select and identify potential emotions based on whether their needs are being met or unmet.

Additionally, the app conducts sentiment analysis to further aid users in recognizing the emotions expressed in their journaling. Furthermore, it allows users to download their journals in HTML format.

The project was built on a foundation of Next.js, Flask, and React. For sentiment analysis, the project utilizes the GPT 3.5 Turbo model from the Clarifai Platform.

Check out the YouTube video below or the Devpost project to learn more about the Facets Wellness app.

Honorable mentions🏆

Check out some other awesome projects below - the Honorable Mentions.

Gratheon - Monitor Bees with AI

Gratheon facilitates beekeepers by enhancing observability, boosting their efficiency, and maintaining the health of their colonies. It integrates hardware and utilizes computer vision to alert beekeepers of potential dangers.

Check out the YouTube video below or the Devpost project to learn more about Gratheon.


Food Carbon Emission AI

An interactive eco-awareness system designed to educate people and various communities on how the food they eat impacts our environment by triggering global warming and greenhouse Gaseous Emissions. This utilizes the Food Detection model available in the Clarifai Community. 

Check out the YouTube video below or the Devpost project to learn more about the Project.

Final Words

Thanks to API + AI DevWorld for partnering and hosting this hackathon. Congratulations to the hackers who came together to make it a huge success. We love seeing your great ideas, energy, and collaboration. Once again, we are impressed with the number and quality of the projects built with Clarifai.

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