• Data Labeling Services

    Managed Data Labeling Services

    Trust Clarifai with your data labeling to create high-quality training datasets more accurately and at scale.

  • Is your data labeling slowing down your AI model deployment?

    Scale up your AI initiatives quickly with high-quality data labeling services.

    High quality labeled data is the most important factor in building effective deep learning models. When it comes to data labeling services, we offer something that few others in AI can—Experience.

    Outsource your data labeling tasks to a team of seasoned AI data annotators and researchers. We combine cutting edge AI technology with labeling automation to deliver you the highest quality training datasets you need for the most complex use cases.

1.4M annotations in 5 days

For a multinational client, we labeled more than 1.4M annotations from hours of video camera footage and completed the project in 5 days versus 6 weeks, the time it took them to label similar products.

Our AI automated data labeling decreased project completion time by 95% while improving accuracy.


Whether we do it for you or you label the data yourself, we use the same world-class AI platform.

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