• Data Labeling

    AI-Automated Data Labeling

    Scale quickly and improve the accuracy of your training data with AI automation.

Training data is critical to AI.

When it comes to data labeling, we offer something that few others in AI can—a dedicated data labeling workspace and AI-automated data labeling tools for building high quality training data at scale. You can easily label, train, and deploy your AI models in one integrated tool.


80% reduction

Reduce labeling time

Use AI and automatic data labeling to reduce the amount of time it takes to label inputs.

10x less data

Create quality training data

Improve the quality of  your data to reduce the amount needed to train your models.

100x faster

Improve labeling productivity

Images and videos are tagged, curated, and organized faster than manual processing

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Improve the accuracy and speed and reduce the cost of producing powerful datasets.

1.4M annotations in 5 days

A Fortune 500 multinational customer used our AI-automated data labeling tools to  label more than 1.4M annotations from hours of video camera footage.  They were able to complete the project in 5 days versus 6 weeks, the time it took them to label similar products; while improving the accuracy.

  • Let Clarifai help you increase your data labeling productivity by 100x and boost the volume of data you label in less time.