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December 30, 2020

Clarifai Release 7.0

Table of Contents:

We are finishing the year with a ton of new products, features and improvements with Clarifai Release 7.0.


New API Clients for Swift, Rust, Go and C++

There are more ways than ever to use the Clarifai API with our new Swift, Rust, Go and C++ clients. Our clients are auto-generated using gRPC, so they will always have the latest available Clarifai API feature-set. Get started using these new clients today. 

Bulk Editing of Concepts, Metadata and Geodata

Clarifai is introducing new and improved ways of labeling your data right in Data Mode. You can add concepts, metadata and geodata to your inputs at upload time, or select multiple inputs in Explorer and label your data there. Learn more about labeling your data in bulk. 

AI Assist with Public Models

Supercharge your labeling workflows with AI Assist. It is faster and easier than ever to label your data with the power of Clarifai models. Use our knowledge graph to connect the concepts in our prebuilt models to the concepts in your custom models. Find out more about using AI Assist for your labeling tasks. 

Text Labeling in Scribe

Scribe now supports text labeling, so that you can label text and create your own custom NLP models, and build powerful multi-modal workflows. Check it out.

Manual Review - Annotator View 

When manually reviewing labels, annotator view provides a grid layout that makes it easy to spot check, or individually review the labels provided by your labelers. Labels are grouped by concept for convenience. Learn more about reviewing labeling tasks in our documentation. 

EfficientDet DeepTrain

You can now DeepTrain models using our cutting edge implementation of the EfficientDet algorithm. EfficientDet provides a neural network architecture that significantly improves efficiency and accuracy for object detection. Learn more about deep training. 

EfficientDet for People Detector V2

EfficientDet is the basis for our new People Detector V2 model and it runs 3x faster. Try it yourself in Portal. 

Public Model Deprecations 

Please note that we have deprecated the following public models:


Model Name Model ID New Model or Workflow
demographics c0c0ac362b03416da06ab3fa36fb58e3 demographics workflow
apparel-detect-embed 71a2ef27d4ff8a6b096394de03e7d2d5  
apparel-detect-apparel-concept a8436308d0f92d2d5b0719816ee78793  
OCR Detection 9bff11543fd7e3d3fb215f30ef927ca3 VTR workflow


Learn more about our releases in the Changelog.