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Train a Custom Visual Recognition Model Using Clarifai's Python Client

Last week, our v2 API graduated from developer preview to general availability. Don’t they grow up so fast?! As

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Compete For Glory and Prizes at the Clarifai AI Hackathon

Join us this Saturday, August 13th, for a day of merriment, hacking, and sweet prizes at the Clarifai x General

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Inside NYC's First AI Hackathon, Hosted by Clarifai x General Assembly

The robots have won, thanks to the geniuses at this year’s Clarifai x General Assembly Artificial Intelligence

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What Food Is This? Food Recognition Technology Can Tell You!

We’re excited to release our new Food Recognition model into the wild, so you can start building incredible (an

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#12DaysOfHacks - Win Oodles of Swag and A Force1 Drone

’Twas December, the holidays and a time to give back, so this year get ready for #12DaysofHacks! Every day from

Announcements company news product announcements

Introducing Landscape Quality, Portrait Quality, and Textures and Patterns Visual Recognition Models

Being in the business of computer vision, we deal a lot with photos – good and bad. But what makes a photo “goo

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How Visual Similarity and Custom Metadata Can Enhance Your Search

Data can be thought of simply as a thing we want to remember for future use. Metadata helps describe the data w

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Clarifai Featured Hack: Val.AI Is a Parking App For Your Self-Driving Car

What are self-driving cars supposed to do after they’re done driving you? It’s not a trick question, it’s a rea

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Search Images By Visual Similarity with the Clarifai API

When you’re searching for images, words are often not enough to find exactly what you need. Wouldn’t it be amaz

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Clarifai Featured Hack: Recyclodroid is a Recycling Robot Made of Recycled Materials

The Recyclodroid is an advanced robotic device that uses image recognition as it moves around to determine if o

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How Vintage Cloud Uses Clarifai's Visual Recognition API to Archive and Document Old Films

Vintage Cloud is the fastest way to preserve, digitize and monetize your film assets. Based on Steenbeck’s lege

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Getting Started with Search by Geolocation

Fact: Clarifai’s Search API allows you to search your images and video by visual similarity. Lesser known fact: