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    Read about our announcements, events, engineering advancements, product tutorials, and Featured Hacks.


    Clarifai Release 6.6

    Clarifai is proud to introduce version 6.6 of our platform, and the official public release of Labeler. ...


    Clarifai Release 6.5

    Introducing Clarifai Release 6.5, which includes a ton of upgrades to the way that search is handled in our ...

    Case Study Computer Vision News Custom Training

    Adventa quickly adapts to COVID-19 use case with Clarifai

    Adventa was able to quickly adapt to a critical new use case by using Clarifai for computer vision AI: ...


    Clarifai Release 6.4

    We are proud to introduce Clarifai version 6.4, which seamlessly integrates AI for text with AI for images ...

    product announcements Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning NLP

    Introducing NLP: AI for Text + Images

    Need to understand, moderate, or automate responses to lots of text? How about recognizing text in images and ...

    AI Models Annotations

    Auto Annotation 101

    Auto annotation is incredibly important to developers and users of AI. The workflows that you can build with ...


    Clarifai Release 6.3

    Clarifai Release 6.3 reveals a ton of improvements to the way that annotations are managed in our platform. ...


    Release 6.3 Changelog

    Changelog 6.3

    AI Facial Recognition Face Detection Visual Search

    Everything you need to know about Custom Facial Recognition (CFR) 3.1

    Unlock the power of Custom Facial Recognition (CFR) with Clarifai's all new CFR 3.1.  CFR 3.1 delivers major ...

    Developers Computer Vision Machine Learning Models Custom Training

    Production Workflows with Model Mode

    With our newly released Model Mode you can create deep and custom trained models, and combine them into ...

    Developers Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Models

    Introducing Clarifai Deep Training

    Since 2013 Clarifai has offered dozens of pre-trained models that make it easy to get started in AI. Plus, we ...

    Developers Models Releases

    Introducing New Model Operators

    With our newly released Model Mode, you can combine non-trainable model operators with trainable models into ...

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