Clarifai eBooks, Guides & Resources

Comprehensive resources to help product leaders, CTOs and developers get more out of Computer Vision AI


The Retailer's Visual Recognition Cheat Sheet

Use this cheat sheet to find out how retailers across industries are using visual recognition to enhance the customer experience.

Build vs Buy AI Checklist

Our checklist can help you decide whether to should build your own computer vision AI or work with an AI provider.

The Ultimate Image Recognition AI Checklist

Go through this checklist with your team, and find out whether or not computer vision AI will work for you.

Computer Vision 101 for Business Professionals

Learn the basics of computer vision, the top terms you need to know, examples of how businesses are leveraging CV today, and more.

How to Measure the ROI of Computer Vision Moderation

Free ROI Calculator inside!
Walk through how companies across industries are implementing CV to scale their business needs to lead to real financial impact.

The 2018 Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Glossary

In this simplified and comprehensive glossary, we broke down the key AI definitions that you need to know to be successful.

How to Drive Revenue with Computer Vision AI

Learn from real-world use cases and examples from retailers large and small and see how you can easily incorporate computer vision AI to help you drive revenue.

Content Moderation and AI: Everything You Need to Know

Learn the importance of content moderation, the different types of moderation, and how computer vision can help streamline the moderation workflow.