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    Protecting a global online community against offensive images, videos and text content

    How ChekMarc used Clarifai’s AI enterprise platform to ensure their integrity.

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  • Background

    ChekMarc is a free global social platform where members help each other achieve their goals through one-on-one connections, and by engaging in communities of people with shared interest in a secure, private, positive and meaningful way. The kindness of members and integrity of content posted in each community channel is fundamental to the company’s mission.

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The ability to upload and share user generated content in many different languages is fundamental to ChekMarc’s goal of helping people around the globe connect and engage across a vast range of topics. Unfortunately, it has also created the ability for posting unsolicited and unwanted negative commentary. With large volumes of content posted to their platform daily, more than human content moderators could handle, CheckMarc needed to find a way to automate and speed their content moderation with a high degree of accuracy in order to prevent unwanted and abusive content from making its way to their community channels.

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After a great deal of research and multiple conversations with AI providers, Clarifai was chosen because of its deep AI technology, world-class research team, and overall commitment for creating safer online experiences. The Clarifai deep learning AI platform was installed on premise as a turnkey solution to filter unwanted content in images and video using its ‘‘not safe for work’ (NSFW) Computer Vision model. Clarifai’s text classification NLP model was also used to detect and filter profanity, toxic, racist and threatening text posts in 35 languages.

  • We have built a social platform that is unlike any other out there. In order to do this, we needed to work with an innovative company that had a robust AI-powered content moderation solution that could scale with our business growth. Innovation and leading AI technology are what Clarifai is all about."

    Vrinda Johnson Co-founder, Chief of Strategy & Operations


100% of images, videos and text content that is uploaded every day now runs on the Clarifai platform and passes through its NSFW filter in real-time. Clarifai’a AI-automated solution filters unwanted content 100x faster than human moderators and with greater accuracy. ChekMarc now has the ability to enforce and maintain strict standards around positive content, which in turn ensures a positive experience for its members. ChekMarc no longer worries about negativity, bullying or being attacked.

  • We have had a fantastic experience working with the Clarifai team, and they have demonstrated a true commitment to partnership as well as providing the best AI-powered solution for our members.”

    Vrinda Johnson Co-founder, Chief of Strategy & Operations

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