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How Online Retailers Are Using Deep Learning to Grow Their Business

Machine Learning For The Movies

National Intern Day!


Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning: What they are and How they work

AI in Dubai: Our CEO’s insights from the 2019 Ai Everything Summit

3 Unique Concepts We Trained Custom Models to Recognize

The AI Whac-a-Mole: Why CV AI is critical to Keeping up with moderation

Convolutional Neural Networks: What They Are and Why They're So Good

Closing the loop:  How feedback loops help to maintain quality long-term AI results

Deep Learning: What it is and Why it matters

Clarifai Featured Hack: Measure your carbon footprint with Terrabeasts

Computer Vision APIs: Improving Digital Asset Management With CV APIs

Featured Hack: Clarifai Clipper Chrome App for Image Collection in the Browser

Who Needs Mobile SDKs: 3 Reasons This is the Right Hosting Method for You

Introducing Clarifai's IoT SDK: Join Our Beta

Build vs. Buy: How Computer Vision, and an AI Provider, Helped OpenTable Become More Efficient

Why We Love AI Conferences: A Product Marketer’s Recap of the 2019 O’Reilly AI Conference

Who needs On-Premise?: 3 reasons this might be the right hosting method for you

What is Machine Learning?: A four minute rundown

Why We Created Clarity:  Proof of Concept in the AI Age

Can you “Clarifai” that?: Introducing Clarity Our New, Open-Source Computer Vision Demo App

IoT, Computer Vision, Collaboration, Clarifai: The ClariCam Prototype

March Madness at Clarifai and Why Computer Vision’s Accuracy isn’t Just Good Luck

Clarifai April 2019 Newsletter

Can Computer Vision make Your Video surveillance GDPR-Compliant?

Who is i-Nside?: Highlighting our first Mobile SDK customer

A March of Innovation at Clarifai: Hack Day Highlights

Clarifai’s Android and iOS SDKs' General Availability

4 Computer Vision Technologies for Brick and Mortar Stores

Using Clarifai's Workflow API to Predict With Multiple Visual Models At Once

Facial Redaction: What it is and how you can use it

Announcing Clarifai and Boulder AI’s Strategic Alliance for AI-Driven Security Camera Solutions

Behind Clarifai Search: Interview with Product Lead Amy Kim

Why They Decided to Buy vs. Build: Garden Answers LLC

Seeing is Receiving with Genie: Strategic Gifting Powered By Image Recognition

How Computer Vision Can Improve Buyer Conversion and Retention for e-commerce sites

Computer Vision Search is At Your Fingertips! Try Out the New Clarifai Search Demo

Introducing Clarifai Portal, Clarifai's New Unified UI

How facial recognition and the right AI provider can improve your operations

Winning Computer Vision Projects at the DeveloperWeek SF Hackathon

3 Reasons eCommerce Businesses Should Invest in a Multilingual Computer Vision API for SEO

How to Build a Clarifai Visual Search App with JavaScript: Golden Retriever Edition

Building the Future of AI: Meet Clarifai’s Head of Product

4 Things Product Managers Should Remember When Choosing Concepts for their Computer Vision Model

Classification vs Detection vs Segmentation Models: The Differences Between Them and When to Use Each

Image Recognition on Android: Building An Alarm Clock That Sees

5 AI Definitions Every Retailer Needs to Know

How AI is Improving Retail Merchandising Efficiencies

Tutorial: Automatic Video Annotation with Clarifai

Getting Computer Vision AI: What Cloud APIs, On-Premise, and SDKs Mean for Your Business

How POPSUGAR Scaled Up to Support the #Twinning Image Recognition App

4 Steps You Should Take Before Investing in AI

Improve Your Image Model Accuracy with Clarifai's Evaluation Tool

4 of the Best Examples of AI in Retail

Tutorial: How to Implement Image Recognition in an iOS Mobile App

Computer Vision Models: What Are They and How to Build Your Own

100 Clarifai Computer Vision Hacks from Major League Hacking in 2018

10 Stats That Show the State of AI in Retail

Why Computer Vision Augments But Can't Replace Operational Roles

4 Ways AI is Improving Retail Merchandising Efficiencies

Why AI is the Perfect Tool for Data Analysis

How to Implement Custom Image Recognition Into E-commerce Apps

PopSugar Uses Facial Recognition to Find Your Celebrity Lookalike

The Top AI Trends of 2019 with Matt Zeiler

Your First Deep Learning Project Is an API Call Away

AI at the Movies: How Robot and Frank Prepares Us For the Future

[VIDEO] Building a Custom Computer Vision Model to Recognize Santa in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

3 Examples of Brands Using AI to Manage Visual Content

Create Color Schemes from Any Image with Clarifai: A JavaScript Tutorial

What Is Image Recognition? A Two-Minute Rundown

10+ Stats That Show the State of AI and Business

4 Reasons Not to Build AI In-House (And 1 Reason You Should)

NeurIPS 2018: Clarifai Research Scientist Perspectives

Clarifai Featured Hack: Helping Small Businesses Say ‘hAI!’ to Their Customers

3 Companies Using AI to Find the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

Manual vs AI Moderation: How to Decide Which Option is Best for Your Business

Here's What Clarifai Got Up To At NeurIPS 2018

3 Ways AI Makes Travel Planning Easier

3 Ways AI Could Help Save Lives (& 2 Ways It Already Has)

3 Ways AI-Powered Security Cameras Can Help Improve Customer Service

How to Make AI Count Your Calories: A Working Prototype in 5 Minutes

Meet the Clarifai Captain: John Pham, Artist Turned AI Software Developer

4 Reasons We’re Grateful For AI

4 Things AI Can’t Do Better Than Humans

4 APIs You Need to Know To build The Next great App

SnappTag: An Impact Hack That Automatically Tags Product Inventory for Non-English Speaking Business Owners

AI at the Movies: How Ex Machina Shows AI Is What You Make It

Hacking Inventory Management with Clarifai at Intuit SmallBizHack

Harnessing AI for Good: The Promise of Facial Recognition

3 Ways AI Can Improve Healthcare

Announcing Our New Partnership with RichRelevance to Enhance Experience Personalization with Visual AI

3 Ways AI is Improving the Retail UX

More Than NSFW: Moderation in Action

Halloween at Clarifai HQ: How we built our Spooky or Not Model

Meet the Clarifai Captain: Austin Lubetkin, AI Developer and Wunderkind

4 Ways AI is Positively Impacting Safety and Security

Spooky SMS & AI with Twilio and Clarifai

Building Smarter Products with Artificial Intelligence

AI At the Movies: Everything Transcendence gets wrong about AI

Captain of Captains: Meet Clarifai's Developer Evangelist

Introducing Clarifai’s First End-to-End Solution for Moderation

Facial Recognition 101: Use Cases and How It Works

How iLingual Uses Computer Vision AI to Translate and Learn Languages

5 Ways AI is Improving the Travel Industry

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Impacting the Art World

Continually Improving Models for Smarter AI

AI & SaaS: 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used by SaaS Platforms

4 Ways AI Enhances Your Customers’ Experiences

Tech Giants vs Independent AI Companies: 5 Questions to Ask

What is Computer Vision & Why Should Businesses Care About This Form of AI?

5 Industries Being Revolutionized by Computer Vision

How Computer Vision Is Impacting Content Management

5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence

How to Prove the ROI of Computer Vision Moderation

5 Ways Computer Vision can Increase E-commerce revenue

3 Ways AI Is Making the World More Inclusive & Accessible

The New Rules of Build vs. Buy in An AI World

3 Ways Computer Vision Elevates the Online Retail Experience

4 Ways AI is Improving Dating Apps

Moderation in Moderation: Exploring the Ethics Around Social Media Moderation

What FOSTA SESTA Means for Product Leaders

4 Ways Product Teams are Utilizing User-Generated Content (UGC)

Is Artificial Intelligence Better Than Human Recognition?

5 AI Definitions Every Product Manager Should Know

Content Moderation & UGC 101: 3 Key Questions and Answers

Content Moderation & Human Rights: How AI Can Help

A Minute with… Amy Kim, Product Lead at Clarifai

Joining The PHP Parade With Our New API Client

Why We're Part of Project Maven

Introducing New Android SDK - Join Our Private Beta Program

Nextatlas Uses Clarifai's AI to Detect Maternity Fashion Trends

A Minute With... David Leonard, Frontend Engineer

Introducing the Captains Program!

From the Human Eye to AI: A Brief History of Vision

Behind Our New Visual Identity

A Minute With...Ulas Bardak, Vice President of Engineering

Welcome to the New Clarifai!

Introducing Model Evaluation - Test and Improve the Accuracy of Custom Training Models

#CLARIFAIMYHOLIDAY – Win a Pair Of Snapchat Spectacles By Showing Us How You See the Holidays

Train a Custom Visual Recognition Model Using Clarifai's Python Client

Compete For Glory and Prizes at the Clarifai AI Hackathon

Inside NYC's First AI Hackathon, Hosted by Clarifai x General Assembly

CEOPINIONS: Why We Build Products That Put the Power of AI Into Everyone's Hands

What Food Is This? Food Recognition Technology Can Tell You!

See Sharper with Clarifai's New C# Client

Clarifai Featured Hack: Use AI to Tune-Up Your Online Dating Profile

Goodbye Forevery. Hello Future.

#12DaysOfHacks - Win Oodles of Swag and A Force1 Drone

Introducing Landscape Quality, Portrait Quality, and Textures and Patterns Visual Recognition Models

Build A Command Line App That Sorts Your Photos by Quality

How Visual Similarity and Custom Metadata Can Enhance Your Search

Clarifai Featured Hack: Val.AI Is a Parking App For Your Self-Driving Car

Search Images By Visual Similarity with the Clarifai API

Clarifai Featured Hack: Recyclodroid is a Recycling Robot Made of Recycled Materials

How Vintage Cloud Uses Clarifai's Visual Recognition API to Archive and Document Old Films

Introducing Our New Usage Dashboard - Check Your Real-Time and Historic API Usage Data

Getting Started with Search by Geolocation

One Thousand Captcha Photos Organizes With A Neural Network

How to Demo Your Localhost App Using NGROK

Test Out the Clarifai API with Our Beautiful New Demo

How Photobucket Uses Image Recognition to Protect Its Community From Unwanted Content

Workflows: Clarifai’s Improved Custom Training Gives You More Accurate Predictions With Fewer Labeled Images Required

Build Your Own Visual Similarity App With Clarifai’s Face Embedding Model

Workflows: Use Multiple Visual Recognition Models at the Same Time, With a Single API Call

Clarifai Featured Hack: Check a Company's Commitment to Diversity with Diversif.AI

Ceopinions: How to Prioritize Your Day When Everything Is Important

Announcing Clarifai's New and Improved V2 API Video Recognition Feature

Introducing Clarifai's Mobile SDK - On-device Machine Learning Whether You're Online or Offline

Five Mind-Blowingly Intelligent AI Apps Built on Clarifai, Featuring MongoDB, Instagram, & More

Clarifai Featured Hack: Mansplainer Is An App That Will Condescendingly Explain Images To You

Introducing API Keys - A Safer Way To Authenticate Your Applications

Clarifai Featured Hack: Discover Your Ancestry Based on Facial Recognition With Mimi

Not Kotdog – Using Clarifai To Detect Hot Dogs In Kotlin

Inside ClarifaiHQ: Welcome Kristin Shevis, Our New Chief Customer Officer

Clarifai Featured Hack: Typ Helps You Automatically Sort Large Photo Libraries Into New Folders

Clarifai Featured Hack: Use NSFW Blocker to Protect Your Eyes From the Internet

Clarifai Featured Hack: Musify Finds the Perfect Background Music for Your Videos

Create Digital Art with P5.JS and Clarifai's Color Recognition Model

Join Our Live Twitter Chat on Building a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Socially Responsible Pixels? A Look Inside Clarifai's New Demographics Recognition Model

Clarifai Featured Hack: frSecurity is an Alarm That Can Tell Friend From Foe

How Staples Improved SEO using Clarifai's Multi-Language Image Recognition API

Clarifai Featured Hack: Describe the World to the Vision-Impaired with See

Clarifai Featured Hack: Trashifai is a Smart Trash Can that Auto-Sorts Recyclables

Who is your Celebrity Look-Alike? Find out with this Online AI Tool that Reveals your Famous Doppelganger

Clarifai Featured Hack: Understand Your Carbon Footprint With SaveUrPlanet

Clarifai Featured Hack: GSTR Can Teach You Sign Language using Computer Vision

Clarifai Featured Hack: Autotag is an Automatic #Hashtag Generator for Social Media

Clarifai Featured Hack: Spectrum Navigator Is A GPS App That Helps People Navigate By Landmark

Search Images On Slack With Clarifai’s Visual Recognition Technology

How Architizer Uses Image Recognition to Unlock the Potential of User-Generated Content

Clarifai Featured Hack: Make The Perfect Toast With Toastifai, An AI-powered Toaster

Test Visual Recognition Models With Clarifai’s V2 API Javascript Starter

Clarifai Featured Hack: Block Unwanted Content And Browse The Internet Safely With Distill

Use Clarifai’s Face Detection Model to Find Faces in Images

Inside Clarifai HQ: Watch Out, San Francisco – Here We Come!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Use Clarifai for Audio Recognition with Adki

Auto-tagging User-Generated Content In Pixide’s Mobile Photo App

How to Check User-Generated Content and Images for Unwanted Nudity

We Asked You to Teach Our AI about “Holiday” and Here’s What You Came Up With

Inside Clarifai HQ: Unconventional Challenges of Building an AI Company

Clarifai Featured Hack: Improve Your Emotional Health With Feelybot

Clarifai Featured Hack: Find The Perfect Gift With Gifted, An AI-powered Recommendation Engine

10 AI Hacks We’re Thankful for This Year

Clarifai-Powered Adobe Lightroom Plugin Automatically Sorts Your Photos by Image Quality

How Clarifai Builds Accurate and Unbiased AI Technology

Announcing 30 Million Reasons To Be Thankful

Design And UX For An AI-First World

Train Your Own Visual Recognition Model And Search Any Image With Custom Training & Visual Search

Clarifai Featured Hack: Wishbnb Recommends Dream Vacations Based on Your Pinterest Boards

Five Mind-Blowingly Intelligent AI Apps Built on Clarifai, Featuring Twilio, West Elm, & More

Simplify Building Nvidia GPU Drivers On CoreOS

Scale Your GPU Cloud Infrastructure With Kubernetes

Simplify Building Nvidia GPU Drivers On CoreOS

Clarifai Featured Hack: Never Let a reCAPTCHA Question Your Humanity Again

Inside Clarifai HQ: Playing With Fire… Literally

Clarifai Featured Hack: Explore the World Through Gestures and Images With Iris

Building Pic2Trip: A Chrome Extension for Clarifai and TripAdvisor

Tech Inclusion and Diversity in Machine Learning

Clarifai Featured Hack: Block Unwanted Nudity in Blog Comments with Disqus

Build Better Travel Apps with Clarifai's New Travel Recognition Model

Ceopinions: Tips for Winning at Basketball and Business

A Copy and Paste Guide to Your First API Project - with Clarifai!

Introducing the Clarifai Community Forum, Your New Favorite Place to Geek Out with Other Developers

Clarifai Featured Hack: Make Any Picture Punny with PicAPun

Clarifai Featured Hack: Classifi.me Predicts Your Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Type Based on Your Instagram Photos & Videos

Bring Digital Asset Management (DAM) Into the Future with Automatic Image Tagging and Keywording

Ceopinions: Cultivate Creativity and Teamwork with 20% Time

How Visual Recognition Is Used to Augment Doctors and Diagnose Patients

Clarifai Featured Hack: ClariDrobe Is Your New Personal Stylist AI

Where's Waldo? Using Machine Learning to Find All the Waldos

Moderate, Filter, or Curate Adult Content with Clarifai's NSFW Model

Clarifai Featured Hack: How Healthy (or Unhealthy) Is Your Meal? Foodifai Knows!

Ceopinions: How to Make the Transition From Founder to CEO

Explore Our Shiny New Developer Site & Extra Features

Uncover Buried Stock Photography Treasure With Automatic Image Tagging & Keywords

Clarifai Featured Hack: Make Sweet Music With Your Photos Using Photoverse

Clarifai Featured Hack: Real Estate Genius Tells You What Your Home Is Really Worth

Clarifai Featured Hack: Pocket Hipster, Because You Thought It Was Cool Before Everyone Else

Clarifai’s A.I. Code of Ethics, or How to Prevent a Robot Apocalypse

Clarifai Featured Hack: Find Lost People With the Found App

How StyleMePretty Uses Visual Recognition to Grow Their Business From Publication to Platform

Introducing the Clarifai Champions!

Clarifai Featured Hack: Automatically Organize Photos on Your Computer Into Different Folders With ImgSort

Clarifai Featured Hack: How to Build an Artificially Intelligent, 3D-Printed Lightsaber

Clarifai Featured Hack: Get Addicted to Snap Tag, an App to Test Your Photo Taking Skills

DIY With Clarifai: Building Your Own “Smart” User Generated Content Solution à la Yelp